What happens after Culinary School? The REST OF MY LIFE

So, what happens after culinary school in your (a bit more than) mid-twenties? What happens when you quit your job, get out of your comfort zone, move to a different country, and go back to school… culinary school.  What happens to the job and salary you used to have?  What happens after going back to your old place/life?

Mind full of ¨what-ifs, what-ifs?¨

It´s almost a year already since I graduated from Culinary and Pastry Program from Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, a year since coming back home…Mexico.

A total challenge, it´s been tough, I had just experienced one of the most passionate times in my life, and yet I had to get back on track economically speaking, which means, no profesional cooking for me yet.

I´m a cooker, a blogger, a yogi, a woman passionate about travelling, dancing, cooking, feelings, and loving (things I´ve been finding little time for).

I miss every single second of culinary school, every single argument with classmates, every single burn, every single cut, every single failure, every single tear.  I miss the fire, the heat. I miss my friends, all those I encountered on my path to my new life, all of those who I shared so much. So THANK YOU ALL, TOTALLY THANK YOU!

Nonetheless, I would do it all over again, so if you are planning on moving out of your comfort zone, quitting your job I´ll say GO FOR IT,  DO IT.  It´s never too late, the time will never be the ¨right¨ one, the time is now, you will always find an excuse, or something else to prioritize. NOW is the time to move out of your comfort zone.

So from now on kiddos, I will be taking you through my culinary journey back home, the hardships, the good times, and the reality of the AFTER life, the reality of what happens AFTER moving out of your comfort zone.

The reality of all those non-relevant WHAT IF´S.


I will take you through cooking, I will take you to different cuisines via travelling.

Hit me up, if you have any recommendation!

My kitchen tip today: NUTMEG! Add nutmeg and vanilla to your recipes, gives ´em an extra layer of flavor.







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